2019 BMW 1 Series review

The BMW 1 Series is an iconic motor. Instantly recognisable with its exaggerated shape and elongated lines. The 2019 model still holds the same charm, but with a few noticeable tweaks along the way.

The most noticeable change is undoubtedly the most talked about. The new BMW 1 Series features front wheel drive, as opposed to the rear wheel drive that owners of previous models know and love.

However, it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference to the drive. The unsuspecting driver won’t notice the change in drive positioning, and most wouldn’t know if they were being pushed or pulled in the car. If you’re a motoring connoisseur, you may notice a slight difference but nothing that is worthy of the uproar we have seen on social media of late.  

It does feel slightly different to drive than the classic BMW. The seating is lower and the steering lighter, plus it performs well under the pressure of tight corners and winding roads.

The 118d model achieves between 51.4 and 60.1 MPG so you can class frugal as its middle name. With 148bhp and a top speed of 134MPH, for a small hatch it doesn’t compromise on performance or power.

Even the cheapest of the models still manages to feel expensive, chic and well thought out. Something that often comes into question in the cheaper cars of competitors.

It is certainly a step up from its predecessors, even if it feels slightly different to the traditional BMW 1 Series. If you’re looking for a small family hatchback, the new 1 Series is a great option. Equally, if you’re after a small car that packs a punch for weekend adventures, you will find everything you need inside this motor.

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