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60 years of MINI

2019 celebrates 60 years of MINI and while we wait for the 60th anniversary edition to roll off production lines, let’s take a look at the last 60 years and what has made the MINI so loveable and successful across the globe.

It’s the late 1950s. Fuel prices are soaring and the gas-guzzling vehicles on the roads are starting to make very little sense. A solution is needed. Sir Leonard Lord of the Morris Motor Company set his engineer a challenge, to create a small and fuel-efficient car that could comfortably carry four adults.

The wheels were quite literally reinvented as they were shifted to the outer edges of the vehicle. Everything about the traditional motor car was tweaked and so, in 1959, the MINI was launched and the public were confused to say the least.

It didn’t take long for people to catch on though. Known for being fun, efficient and nimble, the MINI became a staple part of the 60s culture.

In 1961, the now iconic small car caught the eye of racing legend, John Cooper. Fine tuning and the introduction of bigger breaks led to the Classic Mini Cooper 997 being born. A rally car.

By 1969, over 2 million MINI cars had been sold across the globe, with pickup and station wagon versions of the vehicle being introduced. A MINI was known for being dependable and economical, all while making the owners smile.

The design stayed very much the same until October 1999. A few days before the final Classic MINI rolled off the production line, a concept for the new MINI was unveiled at the Paris Auto Show. Similar in design but dragged into the modern day, while maintaining the style and charm that made is so popular when it was released in 1959.

As we celebrate 60 years of the MINI, it’s exciting to think what the next 60 years will hold; we know there will be electricity, but what else?

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