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BMW i3 120AH Review

BMW has produced some fantastic motors over the years, becoming one of the biggest car brands available. As the demand of electric cars rises, we look at its foray into electric by reviewing the BMW i3 120AH…


It is fair to say that BMW is a pioneer of the motoring world. It backed up this claim back in 2013, with the release of the BMW i3, the first premium electric car. While there were other electric cars on the market, the i3 blended quality design, practicality and the economy of an electric-powered engine and was an instant success.

BMW has built on that success with the latest model, the BMW i3 120AH. The battery is now twice the size of the original, allowing you to get roughly double the range. BMW has been very clever in how it did this, as the size and weight of the battery haven’t been increased, but the internal efficiency has. This means that the car has the same amount of space as the original and so can be considered a practical motor but one that will get you further on a charge.

Efficiency has been at the forefront of the design elements with the newer i3. It is an extremely light motor that sits on tall, skinny tyres. All of this means that the end product is a very efficient motor, capable of providing a range of 180-193 miles, perfect for the weekly commute or one longer drive. Having a comprehensive BMW service will also help to keep the i3 driving as efficiently as possible.

Typically of BMW, the design is flawless and eye-catching. It has a distinct look, easily recognizable from other cars on the road and adding to its unique character. With an acceleration of 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds, it is also very fun and agile to drive which will be music to the ears of those who consider electric cars to be “boring.”

If you are wanting to enter the world of electrical motoring with style and substance, then the BMW i3 120AH may just be the car for you. If you are looking for a new or used BMW in London, contact the team at Stephen James where we will be happy to help.