BMW M2 Review

Supercar humbling ability, confidence inspiring dynamics and a superbly practical interior are just a handful of the benefits of owning a new BMW M2.



The majority of serious performance cars nowadays are exclusively offered with an automatic gearbox. The only manual input is via a pair of paddle shifters behind the wheel.

This is of course the best option in many cases, offering quicker acceleration, better fuel economy and vastly quicker shift times. For those of us who want more control of our performance cars however, the BMW M2 can be equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox; a novelty in its market.



For 2018, the new BMW M2 has been made even better, thanks to a real M engine. It’s a twin-turbo, six-cylinder block from the M3 and M4 offers 410bhp and when you compare the M2 to its rivals, it trumps everything below and above its price range for cylinders, which is a profound advantage.



It isn’t just the engine that has been fettled, the chassis has always been closely related to that of the BMW M4, and design cues have obviously been taken from the bigger M car too, with large wheel arch flares giving the baby M car a solid, tough stance and a much bigger presence than its rivals.

Offering the M2 with a manual gearbox shows BMW’s intentions for this model, a traditional no-fuss driver’s car. Plenty of power, rear wheel drive and little adjustment to an already excellent set up all culminate to produce a very good car.



This is an M car made for your daily life, a generous boot, two useable seats in the back for children or adults and a smart infotainment system all add to the new BMW M2’s appeal for the everyday driver.



It would be fair to assume that by taking on the competition car upgrades, you’re destined for a life of unbearable ride quality, but this is not so. Of course, it isn’t going to win any prizes for low speed comfort, but you’ve got to remember what you’re buying: a sub £50,000 car capable of keeping some supercars humble on a track. Owing to its all-round usability, the exhaust is only obnoxious when you want it to be, the quad pipes can be very conservative when in the correct mode.


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