Buying a new or used MINI

So, you’re thinking your next car will be a MINI, but you don’t know whether new or used is the best route to go down. Read our blog post to see the pros and cons of each to guide you into the seat of your next car…

MINI is an iconic brand with a whole host of models under its belt, from the classic Cooper to the exciting Paceman. If you’re in the market for either your first or next MINI, here is our guide to buying new or used.

Buying a new MINI in London

A new MINI would be a great option if you have a little more cash to spare and it is worth bearing in mind that you can often get better finance rates on a new car with lower interest rates. This is something worth exploring if you are torn between new and used.

Another benefit is that you have the freedom of choice. When opting for a new car, you get to choose everything from the colour to the stereo if you wish. A used car can sometimes feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack but by buying from new, you get complete control and autonomy over the car to build the MINI of your dreams.

Buying a used MINI in London

Used can also be a fantastic option, especially when there are so many low mileage or nearly new MINI cars available in London right now. There are lots of advantages to buying a used car such as there will be no more depreciation to deal with and the fact that they will be lower in price and in turn, your monthly finance payments will be lower too.

Also, if you do your research, you can often find limited edition cars or ones packed with extras that won’t break the bank. The cost of these features on a new car would be a lot heftier than you would pay for a used or nearly new MINI.

Whether you opt for a new MINI or a used MINI will largely depend on your personal circumstances and what you’re looking for in a car. The best thing to do is write down your list of priorities for your next car, do some research online and then head out to see which cars appeal to you.

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