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Dents and Scrapes

We know that your car is your pride and joy, we also know that accidents can happen. There’s nothing worse than seeing a big, glaring dent in the side of your passenger door, and although we can’t banish those bumps completely, here are our top tips for avoiding dents and scrapes.

Be careful where you park

If you are parking around other cars or on a public car park, consider which space you opt for. All to often we are tempted to get as close to the entrance as possible or to squeeze next to the trolley bay at Tesco, when really you could be setting yourself up for a bump.

Think about choosing a spot a little further away, with less cars around and more room to manoeuvre. You will minimise the risk of dents and scrapes and can get a few more steps in – what’s not to love?

Install a dashcam

While it won’t necessarily stop the accidents from occurring, but it may deter people in the long run. If an accident happens on the road, you will also have a record of what has happened, so will be able to prove it wasn’t your fault – if it wasn’t, that is!

Watch your reversing

Whether you have sensors on the back end or you’re relying on the good old-fashioned way of reversing (looking over your shoulder, into the mirror and back again a number of times) you need to be aware of your surroundings and be careful when reversing. If you’re not paying attention, a wall could appear out of nowhere or you could miss the car parked behind you. Either way, take extra care when reversing

Mind the road

The road is a dangerous place and with stones, potholes and goodness knows what else, damage can appear pretty quickly. Although resurfacing all of the roads isn’t an option, take care and be vigilant to minimise the risk.

There are our tips for minimising dents and scrapes. If you are looking for your next pride and joy to take out on to the open roads and Tesco car parks, get in touch with the team at Stephen James to find a new or used car in London.