Five Winter Car Checks You Should Make

In winter, our vehicles and driving ability are affected by the harsher weather conditions, which makes this time of year dangerous to be on the roads.

To make sure that you are prepared for the season, you may want to conduct the following car checks:


1    Lights Check

You’ve probably noticed the days growing darker sooner, which means that you will be using your lights more. It is very important to let other road users know you coming in low visibility, so make sure you check all of your vehicle lights regularly and ensure that any snow that has accumulated on them is cleared before you set off on a journey.


2    Tyre Check

The condition of tyres can have a significant impact on vehicle safety. There are two tyre checks you should make in winter. The first is tyre pressure, and this should be checked on a regular basis because decreases in temperature can lead to changes in pressure. The second check to make is tread depth. The legal requirement is 1.6mm, but in winter, you may benefit from more depth as this will give you more grip and help prevent aquaplaning on snow and ice.


3    Battery Check

Your car battery will find it harder to operate in low temperatures, and with increased use of your lights and heating system, it will also drain faster, increasing the likelihood of a breakdown. Batteries usually last for approximately five years, so if you have had yours a while, you may want to have it checked or replaced to avoid the inconvenience of it becoming flat.


4    Coolant Check

Another check you should make involves your engine coolant. This must consist of 50% water and 50% antifreeze. These ratios are more important than ever at this time of year, because the water can freeze in the cold weather if the mixture does not contain enough antifreeze, and the engine will be at risk of overheating.


5    Windscreen Wiper Check

You are likely to use your windscreen wipers more in the winter due to rain and snow, so make sure they are in good shape and that your windscreen washer fluid is topped up to avoid smears which could obscure your view.