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Getting the most out of your MINI Convertible

While is seems like Summer has left us, if you have a MINI Convertible there are still ways you can get the most out of it without succumbing to life with a roof. Read on for our tips on how to enjoy it to the full, with Autumn looming and the ever-present rain clouds.

Feel the heat

Even though you have the top down, stop the chill from getting to your toes by putting the heaters on. This way, you get the best of both worlds and can really enjoy that convertible life. If you have heated seats, even better. Feel the wind on your hair and have a toasty bottom half in the process. It sounds perfect to us. 

Wind the windows up

As you’re cruising through the countryside, try winding the windows up to avoid unnecessary wind getting into the vehicle. This is a great trick to minimise the chaos that wind can cause – we’re talking about paperwork flying and clothing threatening to blow out of the car.

Parking it up

When you park your MINI, make sure you put the roof back up. This way, if the rain strikes, you won’t come back to soggy seats and it also minimises the risk of theft. This tip is definitely worth putting into practice.

Be prepared

Try to prepare for every eventuality. From having layers to put on in the chillier weather, to remembering to pack sun cream for when the clouds do clear up. Keep things in the car and easily to hand that you may need on your travels and enjoy the life of owning a convertible MINI!

There are a few tips for getting the most out of your convertible. If this article has sold it to you, you can find a MINI Convertible in London at Stephen James. Get in touch to start your search.