Mini Cooper S E Countryman All4 review

Hybrids are everywhere; our hypercars, our SUVs and our hatchbacks, they’ve all been bitten by the electric bug and the Mini Countryman is no different.

The Cooper S E Countryman All4, or Countryman PHEV, boasts a 1.5 litre three cylinder turbo engine, paired with a 7.6kWh battery that can provide up to 25 miles of pure electric range. These dual motors offer the best of both worlds, emission free power for your daily commute and city driving and regenerative braking, to boost your fuel economy on long distance cruises.

The Benefits of Electric

In pure electric mode, the Countryman behaves exactly the way you’d expect an EV to do so; rapid acceleration with a trademark slide whistle sound effect, a near-silent cabin and a very well judged brake pedal that finds the perfect balance between regeneration and ease of use. While reaching the Countryman’s maximum range may prove a struggle, due to weather and traffic conditions, it’s more than enough for most daily commutes and could see your fuel bill drop significantly if you have access to a charge point at work.


It’s often the case that by adding batteries and motors to a petrol powered car, you lose the dynamic capabilities it previously held. Thankfully, the engineers at Mini have packaged the Countryman so well, the weight increase is barely noticeable. Mini have always had a great reputation for creating cars that handle superbly and the Countryman is no different.

The SUV-styled Countryman offers a high-quality interior, a unique character and surprising levels of driver engagement in a stylish and efficient vehicle. It makes a great urban runabout thanks to its civilised nature and the trademark BMW connectivity helps put the Countryman well above its rivals. 

You can find a great range of new Mini Countryman SUVs and approved used Mini Countryman SUVs at your nearest Stephen James dealership in London.