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Shaking the stigma

When you hear the term ‘used car’, does your mind race to an image of a pre-loved, two-year-old motor, or an old, worn out and unloved machine, desperate for a second, third or fourth home.

It’s a common misconception and there are many benefits to choosing a used car over a new or pre-registered one. Here, Del Campbell, sales manager at prestige used car specialist, Stephen James Premium, talks through the benefits and why we should be shaking off the stigma.

Used cars can often be thought of as unwanted, overused and unloved. This is not the case with the cars I see on a daily basis. Used cars are more likely to have been traded in for newer models, bigger vehicles or to accommodate lifestyle changes such as babies, retirements, or changes in location.

For the next owners of these cars, there are a lot of advantages. Here are my top three:

A lot more bang for your buck

To get the spec you want on a new car, you can be talking a lot of investment and add-ons. With a used car, you can often get a lot higher spec than you would if you bought the car from new. You may be able to get a car with upgrade packages and special editions if you do your homework and get clued up on what it is you want.

Lower finance payments

Used cars are generally cheaper than new ones when looking like for like. Lower cost overall results in lower monthly payments if finance is the route you choose to go down. This could mean you’re getting a better spec car for a lower price, that is potentially only a couple of years old.

Where old meets new

What is old to one is new to another. Used cars will still feel like you’re stepping into a new motor – cue that new car smell! At Stephen James, we are committed to making sure your experience is all you hope it to be and with a range of premium used cars in Blackheath, we are on hand to find the car of your dreams.

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