The All-new BMW i4 Electric Car

Set to launch in 2021, this all-electric saloon is styled in line with BMW’s current line up, rather than the more radical looks of the i3 or i8.

The i4 is set to be based on BMW’s latest CLAR platform that underpins everything from the 3 Series up to the 7 Series. Previously, BMW’s I models have been styled in a very distinctive way, owing to the fact that they’re produced on a smaller scale, the German manufacturer could afford to be more outlandish with the materials used and their construction techniques. The i4 however is supposed to be low cost and volume-production attainable.

Confirmation that the i4 will follow closely after the iX3 electric SUV and production version of the iNEXT crossover was received at the Paris Motor Show in 2018. 2019 will see the launch of the Mini Electric, in 2020 the BMW iX3 will hit the streets and 2021 will field both the BMW iNEXT and the i4.

BMW will use the same battery and electric motor technology developed for the i3 and i8 in the i4, delivering range and performance figures to rival the likes of the Tesla Model S. BMW claims a range of 600km (373 miles), a 0–62mph sprint of 4 seconds a top speed of 124mph.

 The i4 should blend into daily life with ease, it gives BMW customers the chance to go green without shouting about it. While the current i range is obviously different, as EVs become more mainstream so too will the design nature. Therefore, BMW’s electric range will become more and more similar to their current range, in terms of styling, as time goes on.

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