The Benefits of Pre-registered Cars

There’s nothing like driving away in a fresh, untouched car. If you want that new car feeling but don’t want to wait during the build process, a pre-registered car could be perfect for you!

A pre-registered car is a new vehicle purchased by a dealer and registered in their name. In effect, these are brand new cars but because the dealership has registered them, they’re classed as used. The discounts the dealer receives from the manufacturer can then be passed on to the first genuine buyer. This method effectively means you can get a new car with single digit miles for the price of a used car!

Why do we pre-register cars?

From the moment you buy a new car, it can be months before you receive the actual vehicle on your drive. Factory build times and waiting lists can be extremely frustrating; a pre-registered vehicle however offers a solution to this issue. This method not only means you can drive away today in your new car, but it also makes the whole buying process a much simpler and stress free procedure.


Once you’ve browsed our showroom at Stephen James and found the pre-registered car you like, you can drive it home that same day! We can offer competitive finance deals on our cars too to make the buying process as affordable as possible. The cars we pre-register are often the most popular models and trim lines as these are the cars people demand and subsequently have the longest build times. Our range of pre-registered cars are also well equipped with factory fitted options that you may not find in any other used car.

If you’re interested in our range of used and nearly-new cars, browse our approved-used stock here. Alternatively, our new car deals may provide a bigger saving overall; visit one of our London showrooms to find out more.