Meet Andy — Management

How long have you worked for Stephen James?

6 and a-half years.

Why did you choose Stephen James over other companies?

It was a family owned company. You could make a difference and you have a voice.

What advice would you give to a future applicant about Stephen James?

Research your potential employer.

What keeps you at Stephen James?

As well as the reasons for when I initially joined, as an employee I was given the opportunity to invest in the company.

What is your favourite part of your job

Helping colleagues to grow within the company.

How would you describe the people in your team in three words?

Committed, honest, caring.


Gym, swimming, occasional golf.

Favourite Chocolate?

Anything that is dairy free.

Favourite band?

I like all sorts of music.

If you could be an animal what would it be and why?

Dolphin, everyone loves Dolphins and they are free to travel the oceans.