Stephen James Core Values

5 key values that set Stephen James Group apart
People Obsession Genuine care for our people in return for high performance.

Investing in people and helping them reach their potential can have a significant and positive effect on a person's life.

A service reception manager took a customer's vehicle for an extended motorway test drive. It was a wet, cold day as she started the drive.

The wipers were on their fastest setting, clearing the spray from the screen as she drove down the slip road onto the motorway. Soon after, whilst cruising in the outside lane, a violent scraping sound erupted from beneath the car. Sarah quickly maneuverer across the three lanes and stopped on the hard shoulder. It was still pouring with rain but she got out of the car to see if she could identify the problem. It looked like the under shield had become detached and was dragging across the road. This made it impossible to continue her journey. Sarah called her manager to see what he thought.

Pete picked up the call and decided to drive out to help. When he arrived, they decided that the car would need to be towed away. Sarah called the RAC who informed her that it could be a 75 minute wait. Her manager insisted on waiting with her until the recovery arrived. Within an hour, the RAC van arrived to recover the vehicle. Pete followed them to a local petrol station and bought Sarah the biggest cappuccino he could find. Whilst the under shield was secured, he bought the RAC technician a box of chocolates to say thanks for such prompt and effective service on a miserable day.

Unrivalled Service Put yourself in the customers' shoes.

In one memorable incident, Will dealt with a very irate customer. The customer had bought a touch-up paint stick from the parts department. Unfortunately, his Bodyshop skills were somewhat lacking. He' had purchased the wrong colour and then in an attempt to fill and repair the minor scratches, he ended up with a result that looked like a hedgehog had been dancing on his bonnet!

The customer arrived at the showroom and was obviously very annoyed; he told Will that the stick didn't do the job properly. Will was incredibly patient with our guest, took the car into the bodyshop, sanded down the botched areas, reapplied the paint and buffed it up. He then gave him a pot of filler for the deeper scratches down the side and showed him how to get a great result.

The customer was so impressed he even rang BMW customer service to tell them what great service he had received from Stephen James and Will in particular.

Giving Back Making a difference in the world.

The team from Stephen James volunteers for a Bromley based charity that supports London's homeless community. Once a month, the dealership's team makes 4 loaves of sandwiches for the charity. In addition, they have persuaded a local bakery to provide a supply of readymade sandwiches. This food is taken up to London to help feed the homeless along with items of warm clothing that have been collected from the staff. Some members of the dealership also volunteer in the evenings to help distribute the food on the streets. In addition to this, for two weeks in August, the staff decided to man the whole centre to provide a holiday for the team who run it full-time.

Creativity Good ideas come from everyone in the organisation.

A customer's car needed a job completing as soon as possible. The work required a specific tool but the workshop didn't have it. The choice was simple: delay the job, set back other work and potentially disappoint a customer, or, come up with solution. An innovative Stephen James Technician rummaged through his toolbox, looking for anything that may work in place of the missing tool. He found something that looked like it could work, but realised it would need some modification. The technician lit up his welding torch, set to work on the tool he found, and adapted it so that it would be able to get the job done.

Unquestionable Honesty Always do the right thing by customers and colleagues.

It was a busy Saturday in the showroom. All the sales executives were speaking with customers when a man wandered in. Our guest was interested in looking at one of the vehicles but since no-one was available, the receptionist found the keys and opened the car for him.

The customer sat in the driver's seat, went through the usual routine of adjusting the seat and moving the gearstick around and feeling the steering wheel. As the customer pulled down the sun visor, £60 in notes fell down into his lap. Someone had left the money folded u in the sun visor. What should you do in this situation? Say 'finders keepers'? The customer decided not to, and after finishing looking at the car, handed the money into the receptionist. It would have been easy for the receptionist to pocket the cash, maybe even share it out amongst the staff, but she wanted to do everything she could to be unquestionably honest and return the money to the rightful owner.

The receptionist went to the sales file, found the details of the car and who it had been bought from, then arranged for the £60 to be returned. The customer who had sold the car to Stephen James was shocked that someone would go to all that effort and was delighted to get the money back.