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Del - Sales
How long have you worked for Stephen James?

Just over two years now, I worked for Stephen James between 2005 and 2008 then came back.

Why did you choose Stephen James over other companies?

It's a family company were you're a name not a number

What advice would you give to a future applicant about Stephen James?

We live by our values - apply these to our customers and to your colleagues and you will have a secure future.

What keeps you at Stephen James?

Focus, structure, brand, the company's value in me, being rewarded for a good job, continued training and coaching, having fun.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Achieving my goals and targets, driving the brand.

How would you describe the people in your team in three words?

Reliable, fun, structured.


Boxing, clay pigeon shooting.

Favourite Chocolate?

Dairy Milk

Favourite band?

Earth, Wind and Fire

If you could be an animal what would it be and why?

Elephant - they are hardworking, relentless, fearless, great memory, very strong, family protector and loyal.